Jo Clayman
Category of Governor & Term of Office

Parent to 2022

I became a Parent Governor in the latter part of 2018 and have two children currently at this school.  I am excited and proud to be part of the team to support and guide St John the Baptist over the coming years to continue to provide a challenging yet nurturing environment for all its pupils.  I am keen to encourage further close links with the community and the pupils’ families, and help to ensure the children have all they need to make the best of themselves.

Appointing Body
(e.g. Governing Board, Local Authority, Foundation, Diocese)

Membership of committees Finance Committee

Positions of Responsibility TBD

Relevant Business Interests (that could present a conflict of interest including whether a Governor at another school) None

Personal relationship (if any) with members of school staff (e.g. spouse, partner, relative) None