Home Learning During School Closure

In these unprecedented times we all want our children to be happy and confident, not worried or anxious, and we aim to support you in all that you are doing at home to achieve this.

We do appreciate how hard it is to keep your children motivated to work at home and we are aware that it can become stressful. Please continue to build in time to play, to laugh, to relax and to do things as a family. If your child is not willing to work at any time, please take time out to follow their interests and let them relax.

The Director for Education’s letter received at the beginning of this lockdown stated ‘there is no expectation that your child(ren)’s education should continue as it would if they were attending school daily. All schools and the local authority fully understand that during this unprecedented time, normal education across the country has been suspended. Therefore, any daily support, both in terms of academic learning and physical and emotional wellbeing you can provide is to be applauded, and please do not worry about your ability to replace your child(ren)’s normal education during this time. When schools do re-open, they and the local authority will work as hard and as quickly as possible to bridge any gaps in your child(ren)’s learning.’

All your Class Teachers are working hard to provide interesting activities, that are fun too.  Please find below the themes that you are able to select that will make your Home Learning interesting to your child and you.

The parent’s ‘Pebmarsh Home School’ Facebook Page is a private group page which our parents can join, add ideas and share resources for the children of our school.

Please don’t forget to keep sending us updates of what you are all up to as we love seeing pictures of your achievements, both academic and fun, and we miss seeing your smiley faces.


Websites for Home Learning

Keeping Children Safe Online